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Himalayan Salt Bath ~ 2lbs

$ 14.99

Pink Himalayan BATH SPA Salt

Size: 2lbs

Premium Himalayan Bath Salts. Dry salt, high mineral content. We use only the highest quality food grade Himalayan salts.

Origin: The Himalayas

Benefits: Re-mineralizes the body, soothes muscle aches and pains, softens skin (see below for more information on the benefits of bathing with Himalayan Salts).

Size: Various Options 
Grain Sizes: Fine 0-1mm 
Color: Natural Pink
Scent: None 

Usage Suggestions:
Bath Salt- Dissolve a handful into a warm bath or, for true muscle and skin therapy, try using 1lbs or more and re-create the mineral rich environment that gave birth to life hundreds of millions of years ago.

Please note: Due to the slow dissolve rate and unique composition of minerals Himalayan salts may take a little longer than usual to dissolve in water.

Food Grade?: Yes

Ingredients: 100% Natural & Pure Pink Himalayan Salt

Shelf Life: 10 years

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Himalayan Salt Bath ~ 2lbs

Himalayan Salt Bath ~ 2lbs

$ 14.99