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Hemp Hearts - HEMP360
Hemp Hearts - HEMP360

Hemp Hearts

$ 11.99

A heart-healthy superfood snack!

Raw + No Oil + No Salt 

Hemp hearts are rich in essential nutrients that our bodies crave (protein, fiber, amino acids). A hemp heart is the same as a "hulled" hemp seed, meaning its crunchy outer shell is removed. Hemp seeds sub-shell are typically more tempting to eat because they do not contain the tougher, crunchy outside like the whole seed does. The removal of the hull increases the overall percentage of protein, and even reduces the carbohydrate percentage! Originally, hemp hearts were introduced to make eating the hemp seed easier and more appealing but just as the whole seeds, these too can help build strong bones, stimulate good digestion, and balance hormone levels in the body.

Our USA-grown hemp hearts include 10 grams of protein! 

**8 oz.

**Further nutritional info can be found on the back of our packages.


Other ways to incorporate hemp hearts into your diet:

  • Blend into smoothies
  • Top smoothie bowls/yogurt parfaits
  • Toss on top of salads
  • Make your own hemp milk

***Check the back of your bag for an Energy Protein Ball recipe! Yum!







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Hemp Hearts - HEMP360

Hemp Hearts

$ 11.99