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Hemp Seeds - HEMP360
Hemp Seeds - HEMP360

Hemp Seeds

$ 11.99

A heart-healthy superfood snack!

Raw + Toasted with low heat + Himalayan Salt

Hemp seeds are rich in essential nutrients that our bodies crave (protein, fiber, amino acids). The seed as a whole, with its outer shell attached, is a particularly good source of fiber. Why? Well, the crunchy outside of the seed, also known as the "hull," actually contains a rare source of insoluble fiber -- something that we get very little of in our modern diets. This will help stimulate proper digestion and will gently cleanse the colon, as well as flush toxins from the intestinal tract (yay). Additional benefits of consuming hemp seeds are reduced risk of heart disease, healthy weight-loss, and improvement of hair, skin, and nail wellness. While the crunchy hulls of the hemp seeds may get stuck in your teeth, the benefits are all too good to turn down.

We roast our USA-grown hemp seeds at 130 degrees Fahrenheit and then add a touch of Himalayan salt. 

**Further nutritional info can be found on the back of our packages.


Other ways to incorporate whole salted hemp seeds into your diet:

  • Toss on top of salads
  • Garnish for hummus or other dips
  • Trail Mix
  • Great straight out of the bag






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Hemp Seeds - HEMP360

Hemp Seeds

$ 11.99