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Crazy About Cocoa Butter

by Lauren Hernandez |

Cocoa Butter

For many, cocoa butter = chocolate.
Understandably though, as cocoa butter is a rich, natural fat derived from cacao beans (contained inside the pods of the Cacao Tree) that is used in the production of chocolate -- both historically and present-day. You may notice that the words "cacao" and "cocoa" look very, what's the difference? Basically, cacao is the name given to the raw, unprocessed beans found inside their fruit pods, and cocoa is the name given to the beans after they have been harvested and refined. 
While used largely for production of chocolate, cocoa butter is also widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. For example, we specifically formulate our Skin Repair Raw Lotion with the addition of cocoa butter to add antioxidants, omegas, vitamins and all-natural healing properties not found in other water-based lotions. We aren't lying when we say it's our most popular and multipurpose raw lotion!

Our Formula

*Raw Hemp Oil, *Raw Olive Oil, *^Raw Coconut Oil, *RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil, *^Cocoa Butter, Raw Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, *Raw Rosemary Extract (natural preservative).

*Certified Organic , ^Fair Trade

Our unique cocoa butter-rich raw lotion is full of proteins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and bacteria fighters!

3 fun facts about COCOA BUTTER:

1) It is loaded with OMEGAS. Omega 3, for example, lessens inflammation and helps to control blood clotting on the skin, and Omega 9 is known to promote younger looking skin by reducing the appearance of premature fine lines and wrinkles.

2) It is vitamin E-rich! Cocoa Butter is a great source of Vitamin E for your skin, contributing to the healing of blemishes like stretch marks and scars, preventing moisture-loss from the hair and skin, and even offering a deeper pore-cleanse while balancing oil production at the same time.

3) It appeals to sensitive skin. The struggle of having sensitive skin is that you're never sure how it will react. Unrefined, raw Cocoa Butter has been known to offer relief for skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis because it is a healthy and natural fat that does not clog your pores, but instead deeply penetrates and moisturizes. 

 For these reasons and many more, we chose to incorporate this plant-based ingredient into our richest, most healing formula -- so that you can use it anywhere on your body to soothe ALL skin woes!

Skin Repair Raw Lotion will specifically help with skin conditions or irritations like cracked skin, sunburns, post-tanning itch, bug bites, tattoos (new AND old), cradle cap, diaper rash, pre/post-natal skin, razor burn, severely dry heels, + more.

See what other have to say...


"Best product I have ever purchased"

I have gone through 2 samples and purchased more to give away to friends whom I believe would appreciate. The 3.8 ounce is so much raw lotion I am doubtful that I will be able to use it within a year - which is fine by me because these lotions age very well and are still usable after two years in my experience. Basically I am thankful on how much of a deal that I got on this lotion from the 20% off sale. 
You can't get that much organic natural lotion for $12 anywhere else. Even when it's not on sale it's definitely a deal. Thank you so much Hemp360 for making trial sizes of this lotion making it possible for low income individuals such as myself to enjoy soft supple skin even in the harsh wind of the winter. Without the trial sizes I would've never known how good of a product of this is.



"Best lotion!!"

I love this lotion, I have been using it for years since I first bought it at a farmers market in Austin, TX. Since then it’s gotten me through everything from pregnancy stretch mark prevention to acne to general dry skin, and my husband's rosacea... it works wonders on all of it! Highly recommend!



"Amazing Stuff!"

I cannot begin to describe how great this product is. I had a really bad flare up of adult acne. My face was inflamed and I was breaking out all over. After a few days of using this lotion once in the morning and evening, I could see a significant difference. And after a few weeks, most of my acne cleared up. I definitely recommend anyone looking for an all natural way to deal with their acne woes.



"Acne scars"

I am loving this product so far. I got 2 jars, one skin repair and one "Man Jar" for my boyfriend's bday. I had acne for 10 yrs that left behind marks on my cheeks. My skin care routine is fairly complicated and involved. Face wash, toners, moisturizer, etc., twice a day. Chemical peels every 2 weeks, even, and the occasional dermaplaning, to try and minimize the scarring. Diet changes, the whole nine yards. Now, all I have to do is cleanse and use the skin repair lotion and I'm good to go. With regular use, the scarring has minimized and my tone has evened out. Im happy that I dont HAVE to put makeup on anymore. Although I still do. :) And BTW, the lotion makes a great primer. Hehe. 




I work as a nurse and wash my hands frequently. This product is the only lotion I can tolerate. The tendency with lotion is to slather it on, but with this lotion a small amount is quite adequate. It doesn't wash off with several hand washings. This is the first winter I have not suffered cracked and sore fingertips. I will definitely keep buying this lotion.



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