About Us

HEMP360 is an Organic Cosmetic company, bringing only the finest quality products to your skin. 

We believe in creating products so good your skin's tastebuds scream for more. Full of Raw Wholesome Superfoods, our passion is your health from head to tow, inside & out!

With our passion for Hemp & inspiring minds, Hemp360 was born. In 2008 we began with a simple mission "Change the Way People Live"
Our Passion is creating products that inspire & promote healthy skin. With over 40% of what you put on our skin going directly into the bloodstream bypassing the liver we knew there was a dire need for a pure product that was food grade and could feed the skin the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it craves. This is one main reason we only use ingredients so good you can eat, & people do, everyday. Organic Raw Whole Foods Like Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Hemp Oil, Olive Oil, & Himalayan Salt.

A lot of companies “claim” purity, but still use RBD’s (Refined, Bleached, & Deodorized) Organic & Natural products alike. We go beyond the standards of the Organic industry and demand RAW.




Our goal is to impact the cosmetic industry in such a way as to highlight the importance of Hemp, Raw, Superfood's, Vegan, Gluten-Free, & Purity. Hemp alone has the ability to redefine our way of life in every aspect. A sustainable, renewable source that depletes carbon & renews soil, also rebuilds the very fiber that binds our skin. We hope to bring attention to the very hypocrisy that is the cosmetic industry. To redefine the terms Natural, Organic, Body Care, Cosmetics, Vegan,  Gluten-Free, & Raw, by maintaining integrity & transparency. As we grow as a company we promise to only perpetuate our mission of truth & transparency in hope that we help renew the foundation of an otherwise broken and misunderstood industry. We feel honored to be apart of this greater movement and hope you too will join the Skin Revolution!



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