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Employee Pick ft. Jake!

by Karrington Haun |

Time to Clarify.

Growing up, Jake always struggled with acne and breaking out just like the rest of us in our teenage years (thanks a lot, hormones). As a  result, he was left with acne scarring and dark spots due to all those pesky pimples that popped up over the years. He needed products to help rid his skin of any impurities + help prevent any further acne and FAST.

This is why Jake swears by his organic,
all natural Clarifying Kit routine!

Scroll down to read more of Jake's testimonial + the steps he takes to achieve clear complexion.

: How did you find out what products worked best for your skin? 

A:"The Clarifying Kit was the perfect way for me to try out the products I thought would work best without having to buy the full size of each one. Each product in the kit was exactly what i needed for my skin so I HAD to purchase the full sizes because I just couldn't go without them."

: What is the first step you take in your daily skincare routine?  

A"Every night, I start my routine by washing my face with the Clarifying Facial Cleanser Bar. I splash a small amount of water over the surface that I plan to wash, rub in a circular motion and let it lather, then rinse it off with warm water."

Q: We don't often see men using face masks, as they tend to think they are too "feminine". What enticed you to disregard that stereotype and try one of our clay masks?
A: "Like you said, I was never really one to use face masks because I always associated them with women and being 'girly', but man was I wrong! Just using the sample that came in the Clarifying Kit I noticed it get rid of any blemishes I had as well as prevent any further acne from popping up! I now mask almost every other night and I couldn't be more pleased with my results. Whenever I feel it's necessary, after I dry my face post face wash, I rub on a thin layer of the All Over Mud Mask."

: Is moisturizing a key part of your routine? If so, what do you use and why? 

A: "I used to never moisturize, but now i feel like it's one of the most important steps in my routine. I use the Rosemary Facial Serum in the morning because of its lighter consistency it's better for me to use it before I start my day. The Skin Repair Raw Lotion is my favorite moisturizer to use at night because of how rich it is and my skin has all night to absorb it. With it being the only unscented lotion I feel safest using it on my face because of how gentle it is, and with the extra hemp seed oil that we put in this lotion it's incredible how well it fades all of my acne scarring as well as hydrate any dry parts on my face!"


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