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Get the most out of your Hemp with Transdermal

by Jacob Griffore |

The Difference Between Topical And Transdermal

The skin is the largest organ in our human body, measuring 22 square feet on average. Using this large expanse of skin to deliver medicine to the body is not a new concept by any means. Compounds have been applied to the skin for thousands of years to enhance beauty and treat local conditions. However, most topically applied compounds and/or drugs are poorly absorbed, if at all.

What is transdermal and why is it important?

Transdermal formulas bring the ingredients through the skin (beyond the site of application) to the bloodstream. Once in the blood, the ingredients circulate and take effect at a targeted location – the central nervous system, brain, heart, etc. When you use topical products, they tend to sit only on the top layers of your skin. But when you use transdermal, they soak into the deepest layers, all the way into your internal bloodstream.

Consumers need to be aware that most hemp lotions, creams, ointments, and patches are merely topical formulations with limited, if any, penetration to the tissues and circulatory system beyond the skin. Understanding the differences between transdermal and topical products will help you decide the best option for your needs.

For some products such as sunscreen & bug repellant, which protect the skin from harmful UV rays & insects, are ideal for topicals. However, this isn’t the desired effect for many medical patients and consumers who are looking to get the most out of their hemp product. Most hemp topicals only enter the skin and do not absorb to deeper tissues and into the bloodstream. Cannabinoids and terpenes entering the bloodstream is vital in reaching the therapeutic level of hemp.

    What makes Hemp360 different

    Being in the cosmetic industry for over 11 years, we have carefully formulated products that give you the most out of your body care. All of our products are raw (cold-pressed), vegan, & organic. Not only do they nourish and heal your skin externally, they also penetrate deep into the tissue and heal your body internally.

    Our hemp extract contains a power-house of nutrients, antioxidants, & minerals which help nourish, balance, and protect your skin. It is also extremely non-comedogenic. In other words, they don't clog pores. And because hemp lipids mirror the lipids that our skin produces naturally, it works in sync with our body to soothe and cleanse. Instead of sitting on top of the skin the way less-effective oils do, it's able to penetrate the skin, moisturizing between cells and strengthening the cell matrix.

    ⇨ Our most popular and multipurpose raw lotion. Skin Repair Lotion is raw, rich in proteins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and bacteria fighters. Helps with Skin Conditions, Irritations, Cracked Skin, Sun Burn, After Tanning, Rashes, Tattoos, Cradle Cap, Diaper Balm, Pre & Post Natal Skin, After Shave, Cracked Heels & More. Click here to learn more.


    "Best product I have ever purchased"

    "I have gone through 2 samples and purchased more to give away to friends whom I believe would appreciate. The 3.8 ounce is so much raw lotion I am doubtful that I will be able to use it within a year - which is fine by me because these lotions age very well and are still usable after two years in my experience. Basically I am thankful on how much of a deal that I got on this lotion from the 20% off sale. 
    You can't get that much organic natural lotion for $12 anywhere else. Even when it's not on sale it's definitely a deal. Thank you so much Hemp360 for making trial sizes of this lotion making it possible for low income individuals such as myself to enjoy soft supple skin even in the harsh wind of the winter. Without the trial sizes I would've never known how good of a product of this is."


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    ⇨ Our 600mg Turmeric Hemp Extract lotion is an effective way to ease pain. Turmeric & Hemp Extract are some of the best known natural anti-inflammatories and being a transdermal cream, they absorb deeply into the tissue, creating a long lasting pain relief. Simply rub as needed. Click here to learn more.


    "The best CBD I’ve tried!"

    "I absolutely love the hemp extract raw lotion. I use it for joint pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and it works wonders! I also use it on healing tattoos, stiff neck, and for foot pain. For the price, this is the best CBD product I’ve tried! I’ll be a life long client!"


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