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Let's Get Raw.

by Karrington Haun |

Our mission at Hemp360 is way more than just all natural skincare.

We want our products to ignite a flame inside of our customers to dig deeper into their health and to question the products they consume.


What exactly does "Raw" mean?

Glad you asked! Our main ingredients are cold pressed oils and butters. We keep everything under 130°F when compounding our formulas which keeps it as close to the hemp plant as possible. This process keeps our products alive with valuable vitamins and nutrients. Helping us bring the highest quality products to the consumer.
Our main aim is to make a superior product that highlights the importance of using pure and quality ingredients. Ingredients that nourish and repair the skin. But not just that, we want natural products to be affordable to everyone! Our skincare line is free of fillers and ultra concentrated, which means they are long lasting products that will help you whenever you need them.
Many of the ingredients that you can find in your everyday cosmetics and personal care have actually been linked to cases of cancer, neurotoxicity, and reproductive harm. The average women can put up to 515 chemicals on her body every single day.
Our oils are so powerful they can stand alone, untouched, without any additives or preservatives. Each product contains only cold pressed, unrefined, multi-purpose oils that are sustainably sourced. Tested on men, women, and children all over the world. Products so safe you could even eat them.