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Clarifying Facial Cleanser Bar

$ 15.00


In need of a clean face? We got you covered.

Our original facial cleansing bar! Designed for oily and active skin, the Clarifying Bar is balanced with clay, essential oils, carrier oils, and butters that will help clear up most facial problems.

It is infused with a bacteria-fighting combination of tea tree, lavender, & rosemary oils. In addition, we've loaded it with Himalayan salt - packing in 84 minerals to infuse every cell with massive hydration! The Calcium Bentonite clay purifies, stimulates blood flow and clears out toxins from the layers of the skin. Blemishes, be gone.

*Makes a great body bar too!

Size: 5oz. bar

INGREDIENTS: Saponified *^Raw Coconut Oil, *^Raw Sustainable Palm Oil, Distilled Himalayan Salt Water, *Raw Hemp Seed Oil, *Raw Olive Oil, *Castor Oil,  Calcium Bentonite Clay, *^Raw Shea Butter, *^Cocoa Butter, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Rosemary Extract

*Certified Organic   ^Certified Fair Trade


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Clarifying Facial Cleanser Bar

Clarifying Facial Cleanser Bar

$ 15.00