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You Had Me at Coconut Oil...

by Lauren Hernandez |

Don't you remember when coconut oil was all the rage? It seemed like it was the answer for everything - hair, skin -- even oral care and detoxing. Coconut oil is a highly saturated oil rich in fatty-acids and is traditionally made by extracting the oil from the raw coconuts. It has many natural benefits and is extremely multipurpose, which is why we choose to add it to many of our lotions, soaps, and other premium body care to ensure a product your skin will crave. 


1) Use it to MOISTURIZE.
Studies have shown that coconut oil is an effective treatment for conditions associated with dry, itchy skin because of its antibacterial and emollient effects. The saturated fats help the skin stay to moisturized and even help to prevent moisture loss through the pores. Coconut oil topically can give the skin a healthy, smooth and even tone.
2) Use it to OIL CLEANSE.
Oil cleansing is a concept that uses the idea that "like dissolves like." This means that a natural oil like coconut oil can essentially be used to wash away bacteria and impurities that clog pores on the face. How does it work? It's a simple two-step method that first involves "washing" the face with oil - lathering or massaging into the face as if it were soap, and then applying a warm, wet wash cloth over the entire face as the final step. The steam from the cloth will immediately open up pores and remove excess oils.
3) Use it to help treat ACNE.
While it may not be the perfect solution for all skin types, it can certainly help to improve acne. Because of its antimicrobial properties, coconut oil has been found to be 15 times more effective at blocking bacteria growth associated with acne than benzoyl peroxide (BPO) - a popular topical antibiotic medication for mild to moderate acne. It has also been shown to effectively reduce inflammation and swelling associated with acne because of its rich anti-inflammatory properties.
4) Use it in your HAIR.
When it comes to hair, using coconut oil will help maintain moisture and prevent protein loss from over-brushing or heat damaged hair. If you struggle with dry, itchy scalp, dandruff, hair loss or even frizz, coconut oil may be your answer. Melted down on low, it can be applied to the scalp as a hot oil treatment, leaving you dandruff and flake free. Don't forget to shampoo and condition as usual afterwards.
5) Use it to improve SKIN CONDITIONS.

If you suffer from skin conditions associated with dry skin such as eczema or psoriasis, it has been shown that coconut oil can improve skin hydration and lipid barrier function, as well as reduce infection, making it an ideal natural treatment. With the potential to help improve skin conditions like eczema, it can too be applied to minor cuts, scrapes, razor burn, and bites to draw out bacteria and promote healing.

 Coconut oil alone may not work for everyone. It could be that your skin is craving even MORE...



dry skin + eczema relief:

Our Skin Repair formula combines natural ingredients like coconut oil, hemp oil, and cocoa butter to truly do just that: repair dry skin. It is free of essential oils and perfect for all over bodv use - including sensitive areas like the face and bikini line.



 oil cleanser:

Tea tree, an astringent natural oil, and coconut, a fatty natural oil make a great duo when it comes to oil cleansing. Using the Facial Serum (all of our serums, really) and a steamy wash cloth will open pores to rid the face of impurities and dirty oils while still providing moisture and good oils to sink back in. A gentle alternative to cleansing with a bar.



acne treatment:

The Clarifying Bar is a creamy, nutrient-rich cleanser made with Himalayan salt, hemp oil, coconut oil, bentonite clay and other ingredients to help kick acne and old blemishes that have turned into scars. Highly reviewed and recommended as an affordable acne treatment for clear, healthy skin.


 hair + scalp care:

Truly, any of our raw lotions made with coconut oil are going to be great contenders for hair and scalp. We particularly love the Coconut Raw Lotion as it is loaded with coconut and hemp oil, shea butter, and the essential oils of lavender and lemongrass, giving it an ultra smooth consistency and a divine fragrance that appeals to just about anyone.


New to coconut oil?

We find it's best to consistently apply to the same spot or area of the skin for a few days in a row. Our skin can take up to a week or two to adjust to a new regimen, you know!


Visit our Coconut Oil Collection here.

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