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by Lauren Hernandez |


is the largest educational campaign about HEMP in the U.S., supported by grassroots organizers, leaders from the industry, farmers, and advocates from all walks of life.



Hemp History Week started 10 years ago with the mission: aiming to be the largest educational campaign about hemp in the U.S. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the environmental sustainability, health benefits, regenerative agriculture potential, and new technological applications of industrial hemp (used worldwide to produce a variety of industrial and consumer products because of it's high fiber). Each year in June, hundreds of hemp supporters and retail stores celebrate this "miracle" plant during Hemp History Week. Join us!


Our hemp oil based skin care has been expanding over the past 10 years, right alongside the celebration of Hemp History. It is now the year 2019 and the hemp movement is exploding! While Hemp History Week technically takes place June 3-9, we're celebrating all month long over here.

Being a Texas brand is unique and special in many ways. Even if we aren't necessarily riding the hemp wave as quickly or easily as other states and supporters, progress is certainly being made. It has always been the mission of founders/owners Erin and Christopher Brown to "help others understand that you can take care of your skin naturally." Being strong activists in the community, education about hemp and natural wellness is extremely important to the Hemp360 Team.

Did you know that almost everything plastic can be made from hemp?

EvoHemp even states that "anything petroleum can do, hemp can do better." 


The recent passage of the Farm Bill with the Hemp Farming Amendment has removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, and legalizes hemp farming in the U.S. This Hemp History week we want to salute in victory across the country as we celebrate the Return of the Plant! and embark on a new era of hemp cultivation in American soil.

 3 Reasons We ️​ Hemp

1. It's a superfood!

Not only important for our internal health, but also an integral part of our skin health are superfoods. Hemp is the main superfood we use here at Hemp360, but we also love coconut, cacao, turmeric, matcha, avocado and more. We can truly claim our products are "superfood for the skin," so eat up!

Looking for a true snack? Check out our Himalayan sea salt-roasted hemp seeds here

2. It's loaded with skin benefits!

Hemp oil matches our own skin's lipids allowing essential fatty acids and proteins to be readily absorbed deep, through all 7 layers. Our hemp oil base in each of our unique products has incredible absorption properties and has been said to play a preventative role in skin aging and oil balance.


3. It's environmentally smart!

Our skin care is always packaged in reusable containers giving endless options for various other uses and travel. The packaging isn't the only thing eco-friendly though...did you know that we believe in using less ingredients that do more? The goal is and always has been to bring both the skin and environment a richer experience.



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