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Hello, it's Your Skin Type Calling ✆

by Lauren Hernandez |

How well do you know your skin?

Listen up! It may be trying to tell you something.


Generally speaking, there are two main "skin types." While everyone is unique to their own skin, one can typically classify themselves into one of these categories:

Oily/Acne Prone


Which is more you?

 If you answered OILY/ACNE PRONE, our CLARIFYING KIT is the answer.


Developed to bring balance and a healthy glow to those with active and oily skin.

This kit is loaded with strengthening proteins, detoxifiers, and balancing, non-comedogenic oils meaning it will not clog pores.

 This kit is ideal for those battling:

- excess facial oil
- persistent breakouts
- acne scars
+ a perfect way to reset your skin!




 Kit includes: 2.5oz Facial Cleanser Bar, .5oz Skin Repair Raw Lotion, .5oz Himalayan Hemp Mud, 1oz Facial Serum/Moisturizer.



 Step 1. Cleanse:

Lather Clarifying Cleanser Bar in hands, then cleanse face in small, circular motions.

The Clarifying Bar will cleanse and moisturize through its rich and creamy base of organic oils and butters. It offers up to 84 trace minerals through its Himalayan salt base and is infused with the bacteria-fighting combination of tea tree, lavender, & rosemary oil.

Step 2. Detoxify:

Pat face dry and liberally apply the All Over Hemp Mud to your face or any area on the body. Let sit sit for about 5-10 minutes, or, even longer for more oily, acne prone skin. Feel free to use daily as needed and spot-treat acne.

 Step 3. Moisturize:

(A.M.) Pump a pearl size amount of the Facial Serum into palms and let absorb into the skin. The lighter consistency of this formula makes for a great daytime moisturizer.

(P.M.) Melt a pearl size amount or more of Skin Repair Lotion into hands and gently apply all over face.

Our Facial Serum works to give your skin just the right amount moisture to get you through the day. It will also fight bacteria and balance facial oils with the help of lavender, tea tree and rosemary essential oils!

Using the Skin Repair at night will feed the skin what it needs when as it goes into repair mode while you sleep. It is rich, soothing and absolutely one of our most popular moisturizers due to its ability to appeal to all skin types.


 If you answered COMBINATION/DRY, our BRIGHTENING KIT is perfect for you.


Formulated to work perfectly for combination, mature, and sensitive skin.

It contains everything needed to care for the skin organically and is loaded with antioxidants like acai and goji berry, frankincense, and cocoa butter. 

This kit is perfect for helping with:

- fine lines
- hyper-pigmentation
- inflammation
+ will help boost the overall brightness of the skin!



Kit includes: 2.5oz Facial Cleanser Bar, .5oz Facial Advanced Raw Night Cream, .5oz Turmeric Mud Mask, 1oz Hemp Cleansing Oil/Serum.


 Step 1. Cleanse:

Lather Brightening Cleanser Bar in hands, then cleanse face in small, circular motions.

-- Remember, you can wash your face with our Brightening Cleanser Bar OR Hemp Cleansing Oil (continue reading for more on our Cleansing Oil)! The bar will cleanse and moisturize through its rich and creamy base of organic oils and butters. It offers up to 84 trace minerals through its Himalayan salt base and feeds your skin the gentle, bacteria-fighting and soothing essential oils of lavender and spearmint. Did we mention all those age-defying antioxidants from the acai and goji berries that help strengthen and protect? 

Step 2. Detoxify:

Pat face dry and liberally apply Turmeric Mud Mask. Let sit on face for about 5-10 minutes -- we suggest starting with 5 the first time. It will offer a gentle detox with a mild exfoliation, as well as promote circulation, reduce inflammation and hyper-pigmentation.

Step 3. Moisturize:

(A.M.) Use our Hemp Cleansing Oil as a serum after cleansing to give your skin just the right amount moisture needed to face the day! It will pull impurities, balance facial oil, and combat free radicals.

(P.M.) Try the Facial Advanced Raw Night Cream to feed the skin what it needs as it goes into repair mode at night. This lotion is composed of a rich, raw base that still offers the pleasantly aromatherapeutic blend of frankincense and lavender. Absolutely excellent for redness and scarring.



With the help of our facial regimens you have the tools needed for hydrating and nourishing your skin on a cellular level -- right at your fingertips! How? By feeding your face the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants it needs to be clean, clear, & looking its best! You can guarantee our mud masks will draw out toxins and impurities, promote the healing and restoration of the skin, as well as ADD back in properties that will hydrate, nourish and protect from moisture-loss. because the Himalayan salt & hemp oil in our products work together to create a moisture barrier, therefore locking in moisture and creating a protective coating for the skin.


Try one of our kits today.

They're sure to leave your skin radiant and bright!


And remember, our skin typically takes 7-14 days to adjust to a new routine  ☺



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