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Tell Us How You Really Feel Feat. Clarifying Bar

by Lauren Hernandez |


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Let's see what Julisa has to say about our Clarifying Cleanser Bar, but first, what exactly is the Clarifying Facial Bar?

The Clarifying Bar...

    • Is perfect for active/oily skin.
    • Is infused with a bacteria-fighting combination of tea treelavender, & rosemary.
    • Is loaded with Himalayan salt + Calcium Bentonite clay.


Good point, girl!
While it is perfectly fine to cleanse your face with your soap bar and hands alone, we've seen many results from using something like a facial brush to help accompany the routine. The same circular motions that you'd make with your fingers can be done more precisely with a mechanical spinning brush. Again, this is not necessary, but a great tip to get a deeper cleanse -- especially when dealing with acne/oily-prone skin that can lead to breakouts and blackheads. 



Ah, to wear less makeup...isn't that every woman's dream, to be flawless without the help of foundations and powders? Like Julisa said, by consistently using one of our facial cleanser bars, you WILL notice results. Typically, it takes our skin up to two weeks to adjust to a new facial regimen, but luckily one of our bars can last up to 1-2 months depending on where you use it (yes, it is absolutely incredible as a body bar too)! Keep reading to find out a couple tips on how you can make your cleanser bar last longer:

1) Cut that sucker in half!

Our Facial Cleanser Bars specifically are sliced nice and thick. If you cut it down the middle you're left with two cleanser bars! Keep one half in the shower and store the other half under the sink or in a drawer to preserve its color, natural aroma and shelf-life.

2) Keep it out of the water!

Of course you can still keep your bar in the shower or on the side of the sink, but try your best to keep it settled away from the direct flow or splash of water. We highly suggest a slotted soap holder.



Looking for a FULL-ON regimen for oily skin?

Check out our
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Not so oily?

Be sure to check out our BRIGHTENING line for COMBINATION/DRY SKIN.


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